So we have the 2019 PISA results coming out and OECD releasing its index of disciplinary climate this week. It’s been a big week of teacher bashing in the news. It’s OK. We can take it, we’re all adults who are professionals and understand that the media, politicians and bureaucrats know so much more about my profession than those that are the trained experts on the ground. In fact, you might say it builds a rage that fuels me (I’m sure that’s completely normal).

But this is where I draw the line. Much like the time I got suspended for giving the kid who made fun of my sister at school a bleeding nose, I feel the need to defend our kids. Pick on us, sure, but leave our kids alone.

In this article (and others that are even less interested in balance) we learn about how our students are among the worst behaved in the world. What utter nonsense. And quite frankly, we deserve better from our media.

What is presented is a rubbish “both sides” article where the findings of the OECD report are uncritically touted as #kidstoday. How about we spend our time questioning the purpose of the disciplinary climate survey.

Obviously, such a survey would want to be culturally neutral (thanks Steven for that turn of phrase). However, here the findings are presented to frame our classrooms as dens of iniquity. Surely, it is more likely that such a wealthy nation with focuses on creative problem solving, critical thinking, differentiation as opposed to conformity and individual growth to develop a diverse community is not ever going to score “well” under such a measure. I would even argue that this doesn’t necessarily reflect what is meant when people talk about the lack of respect shown to the profession.

Don’t worry, it’s probably just the technology kids have (they don’t have phones in Asia do they?).

OK Boomer.