Remember as kids when we first got PCs how we’d play “MS Paint”. Well as an adult apparently I like to play spreadsheets. I’ve decided to make some videos on how the many functions of Excel and Google Sheets work as I play with them.

The two videos below are me describing how to split text in a cell in both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Useful for separating names in a mark book (but any text really).

The Sheets one is simplest as far as formula go but Excel has a button to do it for you. Personally, I enjoyed the Excel version nutting out the formula for the first and second names. It was loads of fun.

Next time I’ll show you how to make a list of email addresses for a class.

Google Sheets version

The Google sheets version is simple as typing in:

=SPLIT(cell reference)

The Excel version was way more exciting! The formula should also work in Google Sheets btw!

Microsoft Excel version

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