This article here (click on it, go ahead, give it a read) by Suzane C. Shaffer is an interesting and quick read from Faculty Focus. Faculty Focus focuses on faculty issues (obv’s) from a Higher Ed point of view. I love the idea that she’s moved beyond including gameful elements to actually an immersive game that teaches but is primarily fun.

From the article it appears that this is no mere chocolate covered brocoli but that it was actually enjoyable and the learning was a consequence of the designed game (I’ve enjoyed Shaffer’s writing from an instructional design standpoint in the past).

However, as fun as it seemed I would love to see if this would have been as successful without the extrinsic rewards? In my experience, with well designed gamification the extrinsic motivators can be removed quickly (if needed at all). If that’s all we’re relying on, well there isn’t the sustained engagement that Shaffer found anyway.