Our lovely year 12s are off in their examination period for the Trial HSC. This means two weeks off doing their end of year examinations before they come back and have the last few weeks of class before a longer study break and then BANG State Exams (HSC in NSW).

As if my classroom looks like this, but exam halls do

One of the ways we’ve supported our students in the past is by “question of the day”. In this we send them all a question from past exams and then the worked solution. However, the major complaint I always get is that it doesn’t always make immediate sense to the student who didn’t understand the topic in the first place. Which I get.

So this year we’ve decided to trial sending home a question and with the following day sending the next question along with a video showing how the previous day’s questions should have been answered. The bonus is that as we’re talking about it, instead of just giving the answer we end up sidelining and talking about the features of the question and so forth.

This is first example:

I’ll update at the end of the exam period to reflect on how this has gone.