Google Sheets

Here is a report writer and comment bank that I put together in a mad fit of procrastination.

Report Writer Link

If you prefer here is an Excel version (Report Writer).

It is a Google Sheet with linked sheets. The first sheet is the Report Writer with it has a column for the name of the student and then columns for drop-down menu selection of the comments. I find this structure really useful for making sure that I hit all the points I want to in a report. The final column uses the =CONCATENATE(string 1, ” “, String 2, ” “, …) function to string all the different cells together in a coherent (as much as my reports are ever coherent) fashion. Not the ” ” places a space between the comments (Google Sheets – like Excel – removes the space at the end of the text in the cell).

The drop-down menus come from a “Data Validation” where the list is a data range from Sheet 2. This data range is populated with cannibalized comments from previous reports.

Please feel free to share and use this as you want. I’ve set the link to view only which means you should be able to make a copy of it to edit and play with yourself.

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