My first visit to Adelaide and so far it has been phenomenal. The weather has really been amazing and the City of Churches is beautiful – although it’s a struggle to get a feed after 9:30 at night. We’ve been lucky to score a room right on the beach. How good?

I’m in Adelaide for FlipCon Australia 2016. I can’t wait for it to get underway. I’m here with my colleague and buddy Bill (@BillTink) and while we’ve not really gotten further than pre-drinks and chat about teaching, the excitement levels are pretty high.

Over the next two days I’ll be presenting four presentations on Gamification, Curation vs Creation in the Flipped Classroom, Action Research and D&D in the classroom. They’re all pretty cool and a lot of fun was had at the FlipCon Gold Coast.

If you’re here make sure you come and chat about D&D in the classroom, gamification or action research. Hell, come and chat about anything at all. The great thing about FlipCon is the amazing people that you get to meet.

This is our balcony for the next few days and life is pretty sweet. Come by and say hello.